What is a Private Concession?

Private concessions are areas within a National Park that have been allocated for a stipulated number of years, at a fee, for private development - usually in the form of responsible eco-tourism.

The idea came to Africa from the United States of America, where park officials, recognizing that conservation, not tourism, is their core business, decided to outsource this function.  It certainly was initially controversial, as ecologists were concerned that this might put precious areas at risk of exploitation by unscrupulous people more intent on making
money than conserving nature.

Southern Africa was however quick to learn, and with stringent environmental impact studies and management contracts that bind the concessionaire to the regulations of the park, the development of private facilities in National Parks has been a boon to conservation, providing much needed funding of conservation activities, and quality experiences for visitors. This funding from ecologically responsible private concessions has in many ways replaced funding from hunting which was historically relied upon to subsidise conservation.

As concessionaires we take this privilege very seriously and are constantly looking for ways to enhance
conservation through our presence.

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